Chrissy Wolfe, JD

Chrissy has a BA in Communication and a BA in Political Science from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. Her communication degree focused primarily on public relations and speech. After graduating from SRU, Chrissy attended Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law where she earned her Juris Doctor. Chrissy was an attorney in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and as such, has written many briefs and pleadings for her cases. Chrissy clerked for a trial court judge for about three years and wrote opinions for the trials and hearings over which the judge presided during that time. Her legal work had to be flawless–without typographical or grammatical errors. The documents had to flow and tell a story. Chrissy has also proofed numerous briefs, pleadings, and technical documents for other attorneys during her career. Chrissy’s legal education and career also helped hone her research skills. It is not uncommon for her to consult at least five different reference manuals to see if a comma is in the correct place or if a hyphen is necessary for certain compound words.

Since founding Every Free Chance Books in 2011 and EFC Services, LLC in 2012, Chrissy has edited, proofread, and critiqued well over eighty novels, novellas, and short stories, including:

  • All Access (Fangirl Series #1) by Liberty Kontranowski, published by Marching Ink, LLC
  • Anna’s Courage by Kristin Fischer
  • Any Way You Fight It by Monique McDonell
  • Any Way You Plan It by Monique McDonell
  • Assuming Names by Tanya Thompson
  • Back to December by Heather McCoubrey
  • Batter Up by Robyn Neeley
  • Blades of Blood by Melanie Hatfield
  • The Charity Chip by Brock Booher, published by Cedar Fort
  • Claus: Legend of the Fat Man by Tony Bertauski
  • Emily’s Choice by Heather McCoubrey
  • An Event to Remember . . . Or Forget by Melissa Baldwin
  • Faerie Hearts by Ron C. Nieto
  • First & Goal by Laura Chapman, published by Marching Ink, LLC
  • Friends ForNever by Melissa Baldwin
  • The Girl From the North by Cat Bruno
  • Give Your Heart a Break by Helen Peterson, published by Marching Ink, LLC
  • Going For Two by Laura Chapman, published by Marching Ink, LLC
  • Holiday Hook Up by Robyn Neeley
  • A Hundred Weddings by Cathy Cruise, published by Marching Ink, LLC
  • Jillian’s Promise by Kristin Fischer
  • Kingdom of the Snark: Kingdom Smackdown by Melanie Hatfield
  • Kingdom of the Snark: A Tale of Randall the Rambunctious by Melanie Hatfield
  • Kingdom of the Snark: Three More Snarky Tales by Melanie Hatfield
  • Kiss and Make Up by Robyn Neeley
  • The Last Party by S.B. Gamble
  • The Marrying Type by Laura Chapman, published by Marching Ink, LLC
  • A Mother’s Choice by Kristin Fischer
  • My Christmas Goose Is Almost Cooked by Eliza Watson
  • Not Quite Sheer Happiness by Melissa Baldwin
  • Peri in Progress by Cat Lavoie, published by Marching Ink, LLC
  • Playing House by Laura Chapman
  • See You Soon Broadway by Melissa Baldwin
  • Speak Now: or Forever Hold Your Peace by Becky Monson
  • Snowbound by Monique McDonell
  • Tangled Up by Robyn Neeley
  • Thirty-Three Going On… Girlfriend? by Becky Monson
  • Thirty-Two Going On… Spinster by Becky Monson
  • Three & Out by Laura Chapman
  • Undead Ultra by Camille Picott
  • Up the Seine Without a Paddle by Eliza Watson
  • Up To I Do by Samantha March, published by Marching Ink, LLC
  • Wedding Haters by Melissa Baldwin
  • The Wild Curse by Ron C. Nieto
  • The Wild Herald by Ron C. Nieto


Melissa Ruiz

Melissa has a BA in Creative Writing and English from the University of Pittsburgh and an Applied Behavior Analysis certification from The Florida Institute of Technology.  Her undergraduate degree focused mainly on writing and editing short fiction, and she spent several years tutoring English, English Composition & Writing, Spanish, and Biology.  After falling in love with a job teaching and providing therapy for special education students, Melissa spent two years pursuing a nursing degree and another two earning her Board Certified assistant Behavior Analyst certification from FIT. Whether she’s helping an engineering student refine a research paper, writing a personalized behavior plan for an autistic student, or editing some fiction for EFC Services, LLC, Melissa’s finally doing what she loves: organizing the world one comma at a time.